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This Attorney drafted Agreement is designed to protect you and your business when hiring an individual independent contractor (a self-employed individual/company) to perform any service for you and or your business. You need this Agreement on hand for all of your current and future transactions.


This Agreement is based on federal law.


This Contract Includes:

  • Clearly identifying the parties to the Agreement.
  • The terms of Service, Fees & Expenses.
  • Defines the Relationship of the Parties
  • Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Confidentiality requirements
  • Outlines all Representations & Warranties
  • Non-solicitation of company's employees
  • Arbitration guidelines
  • Terms of Termination of Agreement, Breach, and MORE!


*This Contract Download Includes: Word Version, PDF Version, How to Use Guide, & Video Walkthrough

Independent Contractor Agreement Template

    • Word Version
    • PDF Version
    • How to Use Guide - PDF
    • Video Walkthrough Guide
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