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Every business needs this Attorney drafted Work Made For Hire Agreement on hand when hiring other individuals to either capture content (ex: videography, photography, music, etc.), develop custom designs or content (ex: logos, websites, coding etc.), or perform any other service in order to actually own all of the copyrights to said products.


Copyright is created from the moment of creation. You will need the individual who creates anything for your business to formally transfer all of their rights to you in order for you to have full ownership and be eligible for Federal Copyright Registration.


This Agreement is based on federal law.


This Contract Includes:


  • Clearly identifying the parties to the Agreement.
  • Defines the relationship between the parties.
  • Clear Exclusivity and Proprietary Rights clauses and more.


*This Contract Download Includes: Word Version, PDF Version, How to Use Guide, & Video Walkthrough

Work Made For Hire Agreement

    • Word Version
    • PDF Version
    • How to Use Guide - PDF
    • Video Walkthrough Guide
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